I Am A Bunny

绘本主题:英文绘本英语启蒙    适读年龄:0-2岁3-4岁

作 者:Ole Risom 文,Richard Scarry 图
出版社:Penguin Random House    语种:英文
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I am a bunny. My name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree.

This classic Golden Book, illustrated by Richard Scarry, celebrates its 50th anniversary with the story of Nicholas, a bunny clad in red overalls. In the spring, he picks flowers, and in the summer, watches the frogs in the pond. In the fall, he sees the animals getting ready for winter. And when winter comes, he watches the snow falling from the sky...then curls up in his hollow tree to dream about Spring. No child's library is complete without this gentle story of the seasons.